Scanning Head

A wired scanning head belongs to the standard scope of delivery for the RS350. It can detect rotor marks for electromechanical meters and pulse diodes for electronic meters. LEDs with a wave-length of 400 – 1100 nm and with pulse frequencies up to 3 kHz can be detected.
The scanning head is delivered with a fixing device. The clamping width is 10 mm to 180 mm.

Scanning Head TP-17C
Scanning Head TP-17C

Bag for scanning head and small parts
Bag for scanning head and small parts

Scanning head specifications




400 – 1100 nm

max. frequency, unmodulated

> 3 kHz

max. frequency, modulated

> 9 kHz

dark to light change

max. 15 µs

light to dark change

max. 15 µs

uncertainty of switching edge detection

±1 µs

pulse width

min. 0.2 ms

operating voltage

3.3 V – 24 V DC

operating current

≤ 50 mA

scanning distance

0 – 50 mm

output signal, high

≥ 3.0 V

output signal, low

≤ 0.3 V






30 mm x 46 mm x 22 mm

weight incl. cable

< 80 g

cable length

2 m

ingress protection

IP 54

operating temperature

-40 °C – +85 °C

relative humidity

> 85 %

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