Key Change Token

If necessary the meter key can be changed with a set of key change tokens. Two tokens make up the generation of a Key Change Token. They are created to change the meter configuration, namely the Tariff Index, Supply Group Code and Key Revision Number. These two tokens may be entered in any order. If there is a delay of more than 10 minutes the meter timeout and forgets the first key change token entered.
When the first token is issued, the meter accepts it, but performs no action on it. Only after accepting the second token will the meter actually perform the key change. These key change tokens are encrypted in the same way as credit tokens, therefore the trouble shooting procedure for non-acceptance is the same as for credit tokens. Depending on the token input the display shows one of this information.

If the second token was entered at first, the display shows PLS_1St, means the meter is waiting for the first token. This display indicates the acceptance of the entered token.
If the first token was entered at first, the display shows PLS_2nd, means the meter is waiting for the second token.

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