Credit Token

The Vending Center (POS, point of sales) produces a 20 digits transfer code (Token) generated based on user’s meter number and purchase amount. After the user input this code via the meter’s keypad, the meter will decrypt the code.
After passing the encryption authentication, the purchased energy amount is stored into meter’s memory and added to the available credit. (see meter feedback here)
If the customer has allowance to use emergency credit (overdraft), this energy amount is deducted from the new purchase amount. When the user is consuming energy, the meter deducts the credit according to the consumption.
Once the credit is zero or on emergency credit level, the meter disconnects the customer from power supply.

display for credit
meter display

The example shows the information shortcode (07)1, the remaining credit (0.00) and the symbol that the relay has opened.


  1. The shortcode might be different for some meter types, please refer to the user manual.