Clear Tamper Token

If the meter is tampered the display shows a raised hand ✋ and the internal relay disconnects the power supply. In this case the customer needs to apply for a tampering clearance token with the utility or the local Power Vending Center (POS). After the token is successfully entered the meter will close the relay and return to normal operation.

17 thoughts on “Clear Tamper Token”

  1. If the meter is in tamper mode, you need to contact your utility. They will investigate for the reason and reset the meter to normal operation.

  2. the white men always make things easy for themselves but we the black always make things hard for us,,is it a big deal if you send the unlock code? Eedc will never give you the unlock code instead the will come fix it for you collecte money and go, Tomorrow you still call them for the same issue,,, why?

  3. since you asked us to contact our service provider what the excess of getting the unlock code online? because you knew they can’t give the code out including you,

  4. We are the meter manufacturer. When we deliver meters to a power company, they put their encryption key in the meter. Only with this key the power company can issue tokens.
    We don’t have any access to the meter.

  5. I have the code but u need to resat sometime first or inbox me in watsapp

  6. My Inhemeter Recquirer Tampere Code And I Did So But Still It Read Bypassing In The Ciu

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