Duration of time between two off-on edges of the test output device

pulse definition
Pulse Calculation
test voltage V ph-N
test current A
power factor
meter constant i/kWh or i/kvar
power1150 W
pulse frequency 0.31945 Hz
duration 3.1 seconds per pulse
Ranges based on CLOU reference standards
voltage range240 V
current range5 A
reference constant160000000
reference frequency51111.1 Hz
Time based calculation
Minimum pulses = 2
minimum time seconds
duration12.4 seconds
resolution1.6 ppm
Pulse based calculation
duration31.0 seconds
resolution0.6 ppm
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Distortion Factor

ratio of the r.m.s. value of the harmonic content to the r.m.s. value of the fundamental term

Note 1: The harmonic content is obtained e.g. by subtracting from a non-sinusoidal alternating quantity its fundamental term.

Note 2: The distortion factor is usually expressed as a percentage. It is equivalent to THD, total harmonic distortion