Voltage Amplifier CL309-U

The meter test system consists of one or more switch mode voltage amplifiers. Test voltage is synthetically generated in a digital electronic power source with a controller and switch mode amplifiers. The amplifiers have the following characteristics:

  • high efficiency ( ≥ 85 %)
  • power factor compensation of the mains connection according to EN 60555 / IEC 555
  • high stability at inductive-, capacitive- and non-linear loads
  • very high quality of the output signals, low total harmonic distortion (THD)
  • protection against overload, short circuit, over-temperature

The amplifiers are digitally controlled and have internal measurement modules for additional stabilization of the output values.

Specifications for Voltage amplifier CL309-U

Test voltage30 V … 380 V
Voltage ranges57.7 V, 100 V, 220 V, 380 V
Adjustment0 % … 120 % of range, min. voltage 30 V
Accuracy of the test amplitude< 0.05 %
Accuracy of the test phase adjustment< ±0.01°
Efficiency> 85 %
Stability of the output settings< 100 ppm, Ti = 100 s
Distortion< 0.5 %
Superposition of harmonics2nd … 21st, max 40 % of the fundamental amplitude
Harmonics phase shift0°… 359.99°
Output power900 VA
Frequency45 … 65 Hz
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