STS Security

Security issues are of prime importance to the utility supplier and the consumer. The use of the STS standard prevents:

  • Fraudulent generation of tokens from hit and miss attempts at entering the correct number
  • Fraudulent generation of tokens from a stolen vending station
  • Fraudulent generation of tokens from legitimate vending stations outside of the utility’s area
  • Fraudulent use of tokens which have already been used
  • Tampering of legitimate tokens e.g. to change the value

STS provides the facility of generating (e.g. credit transfer) tokens which can only be used by the intended meter, and furthermore in the case of credit tokens, can only be used once in that meter.
In order to achieve the above security, the standard defines the following:

  • the use of advanced encryption techniques, which are at all times hidden from the consumer
  • the use of very secure key management procedures, including the manner in which keys are generated and transported
  • Required functionality at both the vending station and the meter
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