How to get a Clear Tamper Token?

One of our most read articles is about the clear tamper token. You can read more about STS Payment Metering here or on the official website of the STS Association. The complete STS system is pretty much secure. Only the power companies or utilities can generate tokens for various meter functions. If a meter is in tamper mode, the utility can figure out the reason by simply reading the log-file inside the meter. So there is nothing to worry about.

STS payment meter CL710K11
STS payment meter CL710K11B

Nevertheless we are receiving on daily base requests for “Clear Tamper Token”.

For all of you who haven’t read or understood the first paragraph. If your meter is in tamper-mode and you don’t want to contact your power supplier you have the following options:

Try all possible tokens
This will take you about 40 millenniums depending on your input speed. (One millennium is 1,000 years). You better make a list with all combinations first to avoid double entries. Actually the time gets longer because our STS payment meters and most competitor ones have a lock-out after a certain number of wrong attempts.

Consult your local fortune teller
Maybe it helps and he/she comes out with the right token. Most likely you need to consider a service fee.

User the token generator
It generates a token based on your given information. It’s a so called Magic Short Time Token (MSTT) and it’s valid for one minute only. We are using a fancy artificial intelligence algorithm. Due to heavy server load during the day we recommend to choose a time between midnight and sun rise. It’s also important that you have a strong believe. Fill all information to get better results.

This is a fake token generator. It makes a random 20 digit token. You need to contact your power supplier to get a token which works. Meter manufacturers can't help you.
You can find the number on the meter label. The serial number must have 11 digits.
The meter type is printed on the name-plate.
You can find the name on your meter or invoice.
The tokens are different for each country. Fill in plain text. Our advanced artificial intelligence system will figure it out.
Make a guess to improve your MSTT generator score. Not required, but can be helpful.
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