Wireless Scanning Head for Pulse Detection TP-17

wireless scanning head
wireless scanning head

This scanning head can be used for detection of metrological LED pulse outputs for static electronic meters together with CLOU portable meter test equipment.
The TP-17 Wireless scanning head is based on the Nordic nRF24L01+, highly integrated, ultra low power (ULP) 2 Mbps RF transceiver for the 2.4 GHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) band. It includes the Enhanced ShockBurst™ hardware protocol accelerator for a high-speed SPI interface. The no. of TP-17 Wireless scanning heads working in parallel is not limited.


Specifications scanning head TP-17 Wireless
wavelength 400 …1100 nm
max. sampling frequency 3 kHz
uncertainty of switching edge detection ± 1 μs
pulse width ≥ 0.2 ms
operating voltage 3.3 V DC
scanning distance 10 … 100 mm
housing hard plastic
color blue-grey
dimensions 55 mm x 30 mm x 38 mm
weight < 90 g
transmission power 0 dBm ≙ 1 mW
transmission range, outdoor max. 40 m
transmission range, indoor, industrial environment 25 m (one wall)
battery capacity 800 mAh
permanent operation, battery full charged 72 h
battery charging USB adapter cable
ingress protection IP 54
operating temperature: -40 °C…+85 °C
relative humidity: > 85 %


Specifications receiver for scanning head TP-17 Wireless
operating voltage 3.3 V … 5 V DC
operating current ≤ 30 mA
output signal, high ≥ 4.5 V
output signal, low ≤ 0.3 V


The scanning system consists of

  • Scanning head TP-17 wireless 2.4 GHz transmitter, fixed at the energy meter
  • Fixing device TP-GS 2
    – fastening to meter by two side-plates, can be moved up and down along the meter
    – can be used for rectangle- or round meters
    – adjustable width from 35 to 180 mm
    – provides magnetic adhesion to scanning probes
    – provides mechanical adhesion to scanning probes
    – probes can be moved left/right freely
    – made of insulation material, which ensures safety and portability
  • Receiver TP-17 wireless
  • USB charging cable for scanning head
  • Pairing cable
  • Transport bag


ce mark
Yes, the scanning head TP17-wireless is designed and manufactured in conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). The compliance was verified by MicroTest (external type test laboratory).
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