Isolating Current Transformer CL2030-D

If a meter has no possibility to open the internal link between voltage and current, the test must be performed with an Isolated Current Transformer (ICT) at each measurement position.
The CL2030-D has a built-in electronic compensation. The ICTs can be remote controlled by PC. A safety protection by controller is built in. This assures that the secondary side is closed in case of high burden or open circuit. Each ICT will be delivered with a company calibration certificate. A certificate issued by an ILAC accredited laboratory is optional available.


Specifications ICT CL2030-D

Nominal Current100 A, max. load 120 %
Ratio1 : 1
Ratio error±0.01 % (0.2 A … 120 A)

±0.03 % (0.05 A < 0.2 A)

±0.05 % (0.01 A < 0.05 A)

Phase displacement±0.3’ (0.2 A … 120 A)

± 3’ (0.05 A < 0.2 A)

± 8’ (0.01 A < 0.05 A)

Max. rated secondary voltage0.7 V
Max. rated burden for 10 mA ≤ I < 2 A200 mΩ
Max. rated burden for I ≥ 2 A0.7 V / I
Frequency range45 Hz … 65 Hz
Weight:15 kg


CLOU control box CL2030-3D-CB
The ICTs can operate stand-alone or together with a remote/control by PC. For remote control with 3rd party equipment a control box CL2030-3D-CB is needed. A interface-description is available on request.

This links are uses to interconnect the primary side of ICTs. The copper links are galvanized. This links are designed to connect ICTs with a center to center distance of min 297 mm and max 317 mm.


If you are test equipment manufacturer you can get the ICT2030-D with your company-logo and without any CLOU indication from outside visible.

Category: CL2030

Principally yes, there must be enough space behind the quick connectors and the source must be powerful enough. Please sent us more information, then we can do a proper integration.

Category: CL2030

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